Well September was always going to be a hard one to follow, mainly due to the fact of water temperatures dropping, unsettled weather patterns and the fish having tendencies to switch off later in the month due to spawning time getting closer, but as always changing your tactics to suit the water will always give you a greater chance of silver.

The month started with a great lift of water which was perfect for my first guests, absolute fishing fanatical couple Gay and Lucinda as they went in search of Gary’s first fly caught salmon.  The days location of choice was Lambley, situated way up the south Tyne, I knew we had one hell of a chance connecting with a fish I just didn’t realise it would happen so quickly, 10 minutes to be precise.  After putting Gary in the lower section of the pool I walked Lucinda up to the head of it to get her in place and spent a few minutes changing poly tips and making sure she was happy with her casting (which was epic), we literally hadn’t got going and we heard a cry of “Fish on”, he’d only gone and hooked straight into fish that went ballistic, charging round the pool like a fish possessed.  After running down to him like a mad man, a good 8 minute battle I slipped the net under his prize, his first ever fly caught salmon on belive it or not a Red Stokoe shrimp. Lucinda also managed to connect with a nice grilse but unfortunately lost it at the rim of the net, she did however catch an incredible wild brown in the best condition I’ve seen on our river.  


Gary with his prize

Lucina with the nicest Wild Tyne brown trout i’ve ever seen

The salmon squad strikes again!!

It was Great to finally get out for a cast with the Boys (Phil and Robson) after a busy start to the month for us all, as always we decided to fish slightly different tactics, density tip’s and fly’s to maximise our chances of striking silver.  I let the lads go through first seeing that I fish the river way more than them, or in my words let them stir the pools up first.  It just so happened my tactics paid off and i scored first, connecting with a nice hen fish that fell to a quarter inch cone head francis fished on and intermediate tip and small paused short strip retrieves.  After putting up a great fight Phil netted her for me, she was not only a beautiful hen fish but an important one for me – my 20th fish of the season.  I knew for a fact that the lads wouldn’t be far behind me with the conditions looking right, it was the Green machine that hit the jackpot next again fishing down behind phil, i actually joked on when he hooked the fish and started playing it that was it just a trout due to the lack of fight it was giving, Id eat my words seconds later as the fish woke up charging around the pool being a proper head banger shaking its head as if it was at a rock concert, minutes later after playing the fish perfect I safely netted it and the green went into meltdown mode as he does dancing around like and excited kid at Christmas.  There was only the master left to connect with a fish, but he’d have to wait until the next day to strike silver, and what a fish it was another cracking hen fish and the biggest of the 2 days weighing 15.5lb.

The francis does the damage

Robson wasn’t far behind

Phil with the biggest of the 2 day’s

After the great 2 day’s me and the boys had i decided to stick it out and try and add to my tally for the season as condition were pretty banging, after having good success days earlier with a small francis, the pool was absolutely rammed with fish, probably the most id seen this year, but for love nor money i could not get a reaction from them to save my life.  The decision was made to change tactic’s, I decided to put a fast tip on and literally dredge the bottom with the biggest francis in my box.  The francis is always a good reaction fly to use especially when all else fails but especially fished with a draw and stop (5 seconds pause), the salmon will often take on the pause, again it was the right decision to change tactics but the fish actually took on my last cast and while i was winding in, to my amazement the fish cart wheeling around the pool like a lunatic wasn’t a salmon but turned out to be a big sea trout.  After a short but very active battle i had a bruit of a cock fish nestled safely by my side, a couple of quick photos and back he went to finish of his journey, i did also manage to hit a hat-trick for the week a day later with another hen salmon around 8lb in horrendous weather conditions that Robson kindly netted for me.

The Francis does the job

Letting the big man rest before his return

Another day another hen

One thing I really love is introducing people from different areas of angling to salmon fishing and I think I may have turned carp fishing England international Ryan from the dark side as i had him back for another 2 days in search of silver.  It was always going to be hard to top his previous visit last season,  due to the fact he landed the biggest guest fish of the year, weighing in at a staggering 22.5lb on his first day ever salmon fishing.  It literally took him 5 minutes to start spey casting again even after a year, to the point of casting off his left shoulder – what a bloke!  It was getting late in the day and I was gutted for him that he hadn’t connected yet as he was fishing his socks off, I shouldn’t of worried however, as minutes later that high pitched scream of fish on and a rod bent was the sight and sound i was waiting for, although the fish wasn’t a shade of last years capture it was still an absolute stunner and kept his 100 percent record in tact.

Cap fishing England international Ryan with another salmon

The season seemed to come to an end faster than I’ve ever experienced but collectively we still managed a cracking last week, landing 6 fish including 2 fish for Phil, 2 for my guests one being a first uk sea trout for Barry.  One of my guest’s Adams landed his second ever salmon, christening his rod he had received 17 years ago as a birthday present that he had promised to take the plastic off once he had caught a salmon on it.  Both myself Robson and Gibson had a hectic last 2 day’s hooking 5 fish but only managing to land 2 between us but it was still an epic team effort and I managed my 25th fish of the season on the 31st on the that killer fly again – The Stokoe shrimp.

Adam christens his rod

Adam and his Prize

The dream team Barry and the Green

Robson and a chunky hen fish

This sea trout couldn’t resist a Stokoe shrimp

Last day fish for the team

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has helped and supported me but also to all guests and friends who have fished with me, I couldn’t do this without you all!  Bring on 2019……..!

Over the last few seasons June has always been a ridiculously hot month with water temperatures reaching up to 23 degrees, when the water reaches these temperatures both the salmon and sea trout start to struggle due to low dissolved oxygen levels often causing multiple fatalities of fish.  We do however have one god send on our river system, kielder reservoir at the top of the north tyne, built in 1982 and spans a colossal 2000 acres making it northern Europe’s largest man made lake and dam that holds a huge volume of water.  They are very fish orientated and strategically release throughout the hotter months to help keep the fish alive and get them throughout the system as recent June’s have seen the second highest runs of fish during the year, up to a crazy 7500!

Not a rainbow over the Tyne but in it!!

Another great day guiding Simon on the south Tyne in search of silver and bronze, we caught a couple of corking brownies but the shock of the day turned out to be silver but not the right type. Fishing with sea trout tactics we hooked into a good fish on light gear and thought we’d done it, it was going to be the first sea trout from the south Tyne this season. After a good scrap and a flash of pink we couldn’t believe it, another escapee, but a bonny rainbow to say the least.

An escape rainbow trout from the Tyne

Luck of the Irish!

I’m lucky enough in my career to come across some great guests and this occasion was no exception, Andy and Stanley have travelled across the water from Belfast to fish the mighty Tyne and be guided by myself. With water conditions and weather against us it was always going to be a little harder, but as I always say low water only condenses the fish into certain areas, you just need to know where to look 😉!

After the birthday boy Andy thought he’d struck silver straight away, which unfortunately turned out to be a good chub we thought it was going to be one of those days.

The Boys fished their hearts out for the next 4 hours in bright/hot conditions and we covered at least another 6 pools up and down the beats, it was Stan the man that struck silver, and what a fish it was. After creeping to one of the deep runs and putting out a short cast a fish took literally a yard from the bank and gave him a run around he’ll never forget. 10 minutes later our prize was in the net, 15.5lb of her and an absolute stunning fish, it was not only Stanleys first salmon from the Tyne, his first in 5 years but his biggest yet.

With a combination of apocalyptic wind, sunshine and low water conditions it was always going to be a tough second day on the water for my Irish duo! But as the previous days nothing was going to stop Andy and Stanley getting on the water! Again the lads fished like troopers in horrendous conditions and eventually Andy got his long awaited prize , his first ever salmon (8lb) and I know for sure I won’t be his last. It’s been an absolute pleasure guiding these 2 lads and I’m going to be gutted when they leave on the plane tomorrow


Stan with his biggest salmon yet

The Dream team

World fishing day smashed!

Well this was a monumental day for not only myself but fishing in general! It was the official first live 24 hour World Fishing day which saw Anglers and celebrities from around the world participating in this incredible day live on Fishing TV! I was lucky enough to present live in the studio in the prime time slot of 7-9 with the amazing Michelle Orpe and Damon Valentine AKA the London Flyfisher, it was a surreal feeling knowing that thousands of people around the world were watching us live and taking part in this special day!

A huge congratulations to everyone involved for making it such a successful event and the next one can’t come soon enough!

Live Tv with Michelle

Bring on the silver and water next month………!


We have decided to launch a crowd funding project through Kickstarter to help us achieve the funds required to make this series happen, if you guys are unaware of how Kickstarter actually works heres a few basics to get you started and also a link to the live project.  Kickstarter is an online global funding platform that helps people raise funds for projects from films, music, artists to authors and product designers.   Since its launch, on April 28, 2009, 14 million people have backed a project, $3.6 billion has been pledged, and 141,025 projects have been successfully funded, hopefully ours can follow suit.  The great thing about Kickstarter is you actually select a package that we are offering for a certain amount and you receive goods or services for the value and more, for example – Pledge £350 and receive a pair of Costa sunglasses, cap, bag, t-shirt and untamed anglers T-shirt!  So even tho we are receiving funds we are also giving back and we actually have over 35 different options for you to choose, so if you can take the time to check out the link below and help us bring this series tom life we would be forever grateful.



Myself and Ripon’s journey started back in 2015 when we somehow managed to become contestants on BBC’s fishing programme Earth’s Wildest Waters – The Big Fish.  The programme consisted of 8 amateur anglers battling it out against each other over 6 countries losing 1 contestant each week.  Despite being total strangers and in competition against each other, Ripon and I struck up a close friendship immediately to the point of shedding a tear on his exit in the quarter final.  I was fortunate enough to make the final and actually win (somehow! Two long years later I had an idea, a few phone calls and conversations over a beer later, we decided to join forces and thus The Untamed Anglers was born.  This time however the adventure would be closer to home and concentrating on the incredible fish we have on our doorstep.


As a lot of you know Britain has some truly incredible fish residing in its waters that do not get the credit or coverage they deserve.  We want to showcase these species on film like never before and celebrate their status as an ICONIC FISH.

Joining us on our Iconic Fish adventure is a very familiar face and well-respected angler Mr Hywel Morgan. Hywel is one of the biggest characters I’ve ever met and has become a great friend over the last 2 years, even if we do bicker like a married couple constantly. Along with Hywel’s wealth of experience and knowledge the humour and camaraderie is just another reason that guarantees this series has all the right ingredients to make great viewing.

So what is an ICONIC FISH?  It was always going to be hard to decide what species can claim the title and justify it. Realistically every single species in Britain deserves the chance but we have however narrowed it down to our Top 10. This was done through our own research and with help from hundreds of anglers across the country. Our Iconic Fish will cover all 3 categories: Game, sea and coarse over 6-8 action packed episodes. Each episode consists of 2 parts, These two parts including traveling to the new location and meeting some of the fishing world’s most familiar and famous characters. All of these anglers we’ve selected have had their lives shaped and influenced by these ICONIC FISH. Our aim is to tell you their stories and share their fishing secrets.

Our first part of each episode consists of our species expert giving all 3 of us a crash course on tactics and equipment to help us catch our chosen quarry.  We will also learn about the fish’s history, habitat and feeding, aiding our quest to catch the target species. Our guest will also have their say as to why they belive that species can be celebrated as one of Britain’s most iconic.  So our task is to not only target and catch these fish but also weigh up the pros and cons of why it’s a contender, the history and lifecycle of the species and techniques and methods used to target them.

Part 2 is the BIG competition that see’s Ripon and i paired off against eachother with either our expert or Hywel, once the teams are selected the battle for supremacy, and of course bragging rights can begin. With a multitude of different competition rules and species no week is the same, its critical we use everything we’ve learned from the previous day and all our fishing experience to help us succeed and dodge a possible forfeit.

This series is nothing without the right production team and we are lucky enough to be partnered with the extremely talented Jonathan M. McGee, Managing Director of Jonathan M. McGee Photography and Media. Jonathan already has a huge interest and understanding of angling and the outdoors sector which is a massive thing to us and the series not to mention his credentials and flawless camera work.




After a great July with both myself and guests getting into some incredible fish August/September had a lot to live up to, with the runs of fish and talented anglers on the banks there was only going to be 1 answer.  August started with a familiar face in the form of BT sports presenter and England carp fishing team manager rob Hughes as he went in search of his first salmon, not only did he get his prize he ended up with a brace of fly caught fish including the smallest grilse ive ever seen, you never know we may have turned him from the dark side.

A soaking wet rob with his first ever salmon

The smallest grilse I’ve ever seen


Getting anyone their first salmon is always a great feeling but on their first ever day chasing silver and using a double hander is on another level.  Here’s my guest Craig with his prize that he worked so hard for, especially after loosing a fish earlier in the day, not a bad effort for his day at all and another angler hooked on salmon for life.


Craig and his first ever salmon from the Tyne

Its amazing the friends you get to make within fishing, even half way across the other side of the world, one of them Dave like a lot of anglers has always had his heart set on catching a salmon, so after booking 3 days with me months ago his time to chase silver finally arrived and he absolutely smashed it. Not only did his dream come true he finished the trip an absolute hero, a hat-trick hero, coming from a coarse fishing back ground i just hope he doesn’t expect this every time.

Dave’s first salmon from the Tyne

Salmon number 2

The man completes his salmon hat-trick

England International Carp angler Ryan managed to scrape in a last minute booking with me at the end of august, he took to salmon fishing like a duck to water considering his angling background. Not only did this man mountain land his first salmon on his first ever day salmon fishing, but he managed to land the biggest my guests had the whole season, something that took me 20 years to achieve, a fish weighing in at a staggering 21.5lb!  I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of that man.

The biggest Tyne salmon caught by my guests

September started at 100 MPH with colossal runs of fish still entering the system and my first guest Larysa literally getting thrown in at the deep end being her first time.  Everyone knows salmon fishing isn’t easy and these fish can drive you to the edge of insanity but Larysa literally smashed it, even tho it was her first day ever fishing for salmon on an unknown river using new equipment she got her prize, a stunning 9.5lb hen fish which as always was quickly returned after her trophy photo.

Larysa with her prize, her first Tyne salmon

One of the biggest characters i’ve had on the river has to be Phil, he literally had me in stitches constantly through the few days a guided him.  Again things started at lightning speed hooking into 2 salmon for them both to throw the fly feet from the net, it was going to have to be third time lucky, which it was as he managed a nice double figure fly caught fish from the north tyne.  This as a lot of the fish this season was a first salmon for him which only makes the moment even better.

Phil and his prize, a lovely fly caught salmon

One of the highlights of the season was 20 year old Liam who only took up fishing 2 years ago, and this was his first ever day salmon fishing, he not only managed his first sea trout but at the end of play managed his first salmon. What made the day extra special was out of about 20 anglers he was the only one to catch anything, and looking though fish pal catches he’s stayed the only one that managed anything to the net.

Liam with his sea trout

Double trouble and Liam gets his salmon

Its always great having 2 guests fishing at a time as not only does it obviously double your chance but the banter is always great and the competitiveness even better.  Near the end of September i had 2 absolute legends Jason and Karl come in search of their first tyne fish! As i mentioned above its always great to catch fish but it’s everything that comes with it, the banter, the learning and of course a ballistic lunch time spread with the lads brought with them, ive never seen anything like it. In the end the boys finished with 2 fish lost and a stunning sea trout.

Jason with a fresh sea trout

One day that will go down in history in my fishing career for a number of reasons was a day i spent at countess park with Robson Green, not only did I manage 3 salmon on my Atomsix fly rod with one of them being a 20, all 3 were caught on a red Stokoe shrimp. Along with my incredible hat-trick I witnessed Robson catch not only his first but second ever fly caught Tyne salmon. To top it off Robson’s uncle Matheson got amongst the fish making it 6 for the day.  A day i thought would never happen and now im lucky enough to call Robson a great friend.

The dream team

Salmon number 1 after 10 minutes

A heavy hen! Salmon number 2

The salmon hat-trick complete

At the end of the month waters levels seemed to drop which put a lot of local anglers off, for me the low water only means one thing, the fish get condensed in certain areas.  My guest Dean had no trouble at all finding the fish as he managed his first Tyne salmon on a day others that were fishing struggled, he stuck at it hard and got his not so silver prize, still a stunning fish.

Dean and his bronze prize

Last but certainly not least Myself and the salmon master Phil caught some incredible Salmon and sea trout on the fly throughout August and september, to many to mention but here are a few to wet the appetite.

Phil with a 20lb beast of a salmon

A Bronze beauty i caught from the south tyne

The fly’s doing the damage were as always a red Stokoe shrimp and small cascades…….

There’s that telephone call we all love getting, you know the one from your fishing buddy to organise a trip – in my case it’s my partner in crime and salmon fishing fanatic Phil Plant, who I was fortunate to meet on my Big Fish adventure last year and become very close friends with. He is literally is one of the best fisherman I know and has a great wealth of knowledge which I’m slowly trying to prize from him (its working so far).

2 weeks later the first of our 3 day fishing marathon chasing silver had finally arrived. When I say ‘chasing silver’ I refer to fishing for what is in my eyes the greatest fish on the planet, the Atlantic Salmon. What this fish actually goes through in it’s life cycle is phenomenal – swimming thousands of miles back and forth to its river and even stream of birth, sometimes on numerous occasions, they fight like nothing else and have a heart of steel. I have so much respect for these fish, which is the main reason for my choice of catch and release.

No sooner had Phil walked through the door we were back out in the car heading to the South Tyne with our rods at the ready and heads brimming full of hope – especially as he had timed his visit to perfection with the Tyne seeing its biggest runs of fish for this time of year in a long while. Two days in June recorded a crazy 1351 and 1498 fish through the fish pass at Riding Mill, and a total of 7113 were recorded for the month, which has smashed a June records as pictured below. Also with the river falling from a recent flood to a foot above Summer level, all we needed now were the fish to play game.

We decided the best place to start would be the South Tyne around the Warden area and we knew with conditions being nearly perfect there would be a good chance of the banks being busy with other anglers. Although we are very lucky with the choice of waters throughout the Tyne system, within our club if your not on the banks by sunrise your often not the first to have fished it. Well it turned out to be one of those days where everyone and their dog were out trying their luck, which was a first for me for this season as I’d never seen a soul due to all the low water, which had been great so far. The plan was to fly fish the pools through then, if need be, lure fishing with a rapala to hopefully stir them up then back through with the fly. Due to the pools and runs being small (some around 50 yards long) this is something that can be done in a short space of time and is something that has been really effective for me so far this season. My weapons of choice would be my Grey’s 13ft matched with Cortland precision fly line with a Stokoe shrimp (pattern to follow), and the back up as always my 7’6 Rovex Ceratec FLX drop shot/light spinning rod and Revenge reel fitted with 10lb braid and a selection of small rapalas. After a good few hours of hard fishing through some perfect looking runs, pools and secret stretches, seeing no fish and having no interest it’s important to know when to leave so it was time for a change of scenery and further up the south Tyne where there would be less fish, less water but also less people. We unfortunately ended up being right especially about the lack of fish! The water looked perfect and it was nice not having a a pair of eyes giving you the death stare for being through the pools before them, but it was back to the car and back down river to our original plan. It was no surprise that it was like a cattle mart with cars and people everywhere but no one had even had a hook up yet which was crazy, were we going to be the lucky ones and could we really tempt a fish from water that had been hammered all day? This is where local knowledge of the water is priceless, as I noticed a small stretch where people hadn’t fished which holds fish and knew this would be our best chance. Being a gentleman for once in my life I let Phil fish the stretch first, and with no luck it was time for me to resort to the back up plan and put a 9cm blue/silver flat rap on my drop shot rod – this would literally be our last chance of the day, and low and behold second cast a fish nailed it and that amazing sensation of the initial take ran right through me. As that adrenaline which fills your body kicked in I screamed to Phil “fish onnnnnnnn!” (our code word for when we hook up) and the fight began! With glimpses of silver flanks and not willing to show itself it had salmon written all over it, but after 5 minutes and a great fight on ultra light gear Phil netted the fish perfectly and to our surprise it was a sea trout and what a corker around 6lb! It may not have been the salmon we were after but these fish are just as special and are a pleasure to catch. So after a few quick snaps with the sun setting in the distance, I placed him back into the water to finish off his journey and we finished our day on a high.

A south tyne Sea Trout caught as the sun sets

A south tyne Sea Trout caught on our last run through the pool

Day 2 and a 5am start had us down by first light to Warden on the South Tyne to one of my all time favourite pools. To our surprise there was not another soul in sight, and with the river at 6 inches above summer level it would hopefully give us a great chance of a silver tourist. Phil had the pleasure of fishing through first and quickly connected with a good fish which turned out to be a large wild brownie, around 2lb, which was a welcome catch but not what we wanted. It was now my turn to follow him down using my newly created Stokoe shrimp – the flow was great and the fly was working fantastic as it got hit so hard even Mike Tyson would be jealous, yes “fish onnnnnn” the fish instantly showed itself to be a salmon & a cracking double at around 12-15lb! The fish had phenomenal power which for around 5 minutes it used to stay out in the current, taking line yard by yard until that dreaded moment when the line goes slack – it’s enough to make a grown man cry!

Into a good Tyne Salmon at the bend pool which unfortunately didn't stick

Into a good Tyne Salmon at the bend pool which unfortunately didn’t stick

It was time to move again and within 10 minutes we were at our next stretch further down stream where the thoughts of the lost fish were starting to feel less painful, especially as the fly was coming onto the dangle and a quick figure of eight resulted in another hook up – yesssss round 2, but it was only to be a quick hello and goodbye (or as some would say ‘handshake’) and the fish was off followed by a few choice words which I’d better not repeat! The skies turned black and the heavens opened so a trek back to My favourite pool was suggested by Phil, which brought back thoughts of the one that got away but again they were quickly forgotten as the I managed to connect with another fish in the tail end of the pool. This was it third time lucky it surely couldn’t happen again… and it didn’t as Phil slipped the net under a small but perfectly formed sea trout around 2-3lb! With fly perfectly wedged in the scissors, a few photos as always then the fish was safely returned and on that note it was time to head home.

A small but perfectly formed South Tyne Sea Trout on the fly

A small but perfectly formed South Tyne Sea Trout on the fly

After a lot of rain throughout the day and evening we decided to wait until the morning to plan our third day as if it was too high Phil would head home, but to our amazement after we checked our phones for river levels it had only came up what I thought was 3 inches – turned out I had totally misread the height and it had actually risen 2 foot, which isn’t unfishable but would put even the best of anglers off! We however decided to to have a few casts, due to the conditions it would all be lures and spinners on light gear. No sooner had I set up Phil was screaming “fish onnnnnn!” – I honestly thought he was pulling my leg the joker he is but by the bend in his rod I could see it was definitely a fish! After a short struggle I netted it and we had a crazy moment celebrating, he had done it we had our salmon! What a stunning little fish it was, around 5lb an absolute bar of silver – with Phil’s red clown rapala quickly removed the fish was returned and shot off back to the depths to sulk!

Phil and his Salmon caught on his 5th cast in high water

Phil and his Salmon caught on his 5th cast in high water

What a way to start a morning which looked as if it was going to be a disaster, it just shows that when there’s a hook in the water you have a chance. Due to the height of the water we had limited areas to fish so headed on to the main Tyne to Corbridge, where we knew would still fish even up to 2’6, it is a totally different landscape and water being very open and flat, but with being lower down stream you have a good chance of both the North and South Tyne fish. No sooner had we set up we spotted fish but they had more interest in moving upstream than looking at anything we had to offer, which is often the case when there’s a good water running. We went right through our lure boxes and between us tried everything from Flying c’s, yo zuris, Toby’s to rapalas, Devons and A T lures from my good friend Giles Alcock, but still couldn’t get any interest. We soon realised that the South Tyne had dropped nearly a foot from first light so it was back on the road again and off to our most productive stretch, but not until stopping off at a few tasty looking spots first where Phil would lose one of his favourite rapalas which he had owned for years. I tried to console him by saying he’d had his money’s worth from it but if looks could kill I’d be 6 foot under! We eventually arrived at our last stretch and by this time it was 9.30pm, we were tired and hungry but still hopeful for one more fish and as always having a last few casts right at the tail end of the pool my countdown rapala was smashed by a fish! I couldn’t believe it “fish onnnnn!”, I’d just about given up hope but here I was playing a very lively fish which was a fantastic fight on light gear, I turned to see Phil sprinting quicker than Ussain Bolt with the net and he was just in time with the line snapping just as he went to net it! It was a bit of luck we needed after the lost fish the day before. Keeping the fish in the water, we got our photos, returned the fish which was around 4lb and decided that was enough.

Sea Trout Caught on one of my last casts form the bend pool

Sea Trout Caught on one of my last casts form the bend pool

After 3 days of solid fishing which totalled 3 Sea Trout, 1 salmon, 2 good fish lost and numerous takes, on the whole we’d had a great experience and success, and it has me itching for our next fishing adventure together! Phil hurry up and come back…