About Me

Hello guys, I’m James Stokoe winner of BBC’s fishing programme Earth’s Wildest Waters – The Big Fish/Big Catch and of course an absolute salmon fishing fanatic.

Since the age of 13 and after casting my first line, I knew fishing was going to be part of my life for a very long time.  It has evolved into so much more than a hobby or sport – it’s now a lifestyle and job and something I couldn’t live without.  I’ve grown up on the River Tyne in northumberland & lived on it’s banks all my life, watching it change from season to season, and this is the main reason for my fascination with fly fishing for salmon and sea trout and becoming a full-time salmon fishing guide on the Tyne.  It’s also why this river has such a hold on me, which I’m sure you can all relate to.

Being totally self-taught, my skills are something that have developed over time, with persistent effort, trial & error, many broken rods, and a lot of near misses.  As for the rods and reels I use, I was always that tight I’d tend to use anything going! Now, I’m very thankful to be associated with Guide fly fishing, Schoffel and Fulling Mill, who I’m thrilled to be involved with.  I’m also honoured to be an ambassador for the Angling trust, Atlantic salmon trust and also Fishing For Schools who do a phenomenal job within our sport.

I’d always dreamed of fishing adventures around the world from being a boy, watching people like Matt Hayes, John Wilson & Rex Hunt on TV, and never thought I’d get the opportunity or chance.  Three years ago however, my dreams came true and I was fortunate to be chosen from thousands to take part, along with seven other anglers, in our own adventure on BBC 2’s ‘The Big Fish’.  I’d love you to join myself, and my 2 guides Andrew and Robert as I continue to explore everything that this incredible salmon fishing in northumberland has to offer.

Im now pleased to announce that myself and Ripon have joined forces along with the one and only Hywel Morgan to become The Untamed Anglers!  We are currently working on a spectacular film project called Britain’s iconic fish, travelling the length and breadth of the country in search of some of the most incredible species that inhabit our waters, along with these fish we will also meet some of the characters that have spent a lifetime chasing them.  Watch this space guys…

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