September firsts all round

15th October 2020

The month of September has always been a pretty solid reliable time for salmon fishing, there’s a good collective of […]

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A Mixed August

9th September 2020

After an unusually wet July, we were waiting for the scorching weather to return and hit us hard, as in […]

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June and July Sea trout bonanza

13th August 2020

After losing all of April and May due to covid, it was incredible to be back on the water, although, […]

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Silver Scottish giants amongst the Covid chaos – March

3rd August 2020

After a very successful season in 2019 considering the numbers of fish that ran the Tyne being well behind average, […]

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A big October

6th January 2020

After a very consistent September with good numbers of fish caught throughout the month, we were down to our last […]

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September silver

16th December 2019

After a huge crash in numbers of running fish in August, a scary 7000 less than previous years, we were […]

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A dry July but an incredible August – 19 fish in 20 days guiding

26th September 2019

After a slow July with a few fish landed for guests the rain couldn’t come soon enough to bring the […]

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A record June

2nd July 2019

After a really tough April and May with no salmon to show but lost fish at the net, I couldn’t […]

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A magical but wet March

8th April 2019

After the way February finished I was determined to hit March hard and carry on my silver success. The only […]

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Silver ceremonies and a Feb first

4th March 2019

Well after what seemed like the longest 3 months of my life the start of the salmon season was upon […]

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Alagnak Alaskan Adventure

11th December 2018

When my fishing addiction started as a young lad the thought of traveling to foreign shores in search of all […]

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October ends on a high

14th November 2018

Well September was always going to be a hard one to follow, mainly due to the fact of water temperatures […]

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A sensational September

1st October 2018

If I could sum up September in a few words it would be “life changing”! There are a few reasons […]

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August carnage

1st September 2018

Well the water eventually arrived in August along with a colossal run of both sea trout and salmon, this was […]

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July and the drought continues

1st August 2018

Well June’s heat wave unfortunately continued bringing high water temperatures and record low water levels, especially on the south Tyne […]

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A hot June with a sprinkle of silver

1st July 2018

Over the last few seasons June has always been a ridiculously hot month with water temperatures reaching up to 23 […]

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Untamed Adventure has began

28th May 2018

With the relentless heat and weather conditions my salmon fishing and guiding has been effected horrendously, to the point of […]

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We need your help – Iconic fish

26th March 2018

WE NEED YOUR HELP – KICKSTARTER We have decided to launch a crowd funding project through Kickstarter to help us […]

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2018 – The year of Untamed Anglers, Filming, Events and of course FISHING!

17th January 2018

Looking back over last year i cant help but smile, even tho my personal life away from the fishing hasn’t […]

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A season of guiding high’s

27th November 2017

One of the hardest things in life to find is a job you actually enjoy, something that makes you spring […]

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10th November 2017

After an incredible August and September we had high hopes for October but we had no clue of what lay […]

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August and September guests hit the bronze and silver jackpot

3rd October 2017

After a great July with both myself and guests getting into some incredible fish August/September had a lot to live […]

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A silver July and a record run

1st September 2017

After a fantastic start to July things just kept getting better and better including a record run of migratory fish […]

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July week 1 – Guests get amongst some real silver

9th July 2017

The first week in July couldn’t have started any better for my guests with 4 of them catching their first […]

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Thailand’s hidden monsters

6th June 2017

When you mention Thailand most people think of lady boys, Muay Thai, and city’s that never sleep, however there are […]

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Salmon fishing – Back to basics

11th April 2017

As with any type of fishing the most important factor is understanding your quarry, and due to the salmon’s life […]

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Costa Rican craziness

17th February 2017

After my amazing experience on BBC’s The Big Fish last year it was inevitable that I’d catch the travelling bug, […]

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A sensational season on the Tyne

19th December 2016

After an incredible 2015 being part of and winning The Big Fish this year had a lot to live up […]

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Fishing Against Cancer

19th October 2016

Cancer is something that will affect us all in some way in our lifetime so having the opportunity to be […]

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The Fantastic Four

22nd September 2016

With a load of rain forecast before the weekend I had a telepathic feeling that my partner in crime & […]

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No luck on the Lochy

28th August 2016

It’s always hard to justify fishing another river when you have in my eyes the best and most prolific river […]

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The Stokoe Shrimp

7th August 2016

Sometimes in fishing we come across a fly or a lure which totally changes our season and the way we […]

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A Fair Game

1st August 2016

After taking part and winning BBC’S ‘Earth’s Wildest Waters – The Big Fish’ last year it’s been a really hectic […]

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A Weekend Chasing Tyne Silver

10th July 2016

There’s that telephone call we all love getting, you know the one from your fishing buddy to organise a trip […]

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The lure of a weekend in Wales

26th June 2016

Wales is somewhere I’d always wanted to visit and fish, with its spectacular scenery and rivers that meander through its […]

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