Untamed Anglers

Our series is now officially live at https://theuntamedanglers.vhx.tv/

We have just finished filming our second Series which will be launched on fishing tv January 2024


I’m now pleased to announce that myself and Ripon have joined forces to become a new dynamic duo – The Untamed Anglers!  We are currently working on a spectacular film project called Britain’s iconic fish, as a lot of you know Britain has some truly incredible fish residing in its waters, these fish do not get the credit or coverage they deserve.  We want to showcase these species on film like never before, and celebrate their status as an ICONIC FISH.


The Untamed Anglers – Ripon and James

Joining us on our Iconic Fish adventure is a very familiar face and well-respected angler Mr Hywel Morgan. Hywel is one of the biggest characters I’ve ever met and has become a great friend over the last 2 years, even if we do bicker like a married couple constantly. Along with Hywel’s wealth of experience and knowledge the humor and camaraderie is just another reason that guarantees this series has all the right ingredients to make great viewing.


The Welsh wonder – Hywell Morgan

But this series wouldn’t be anything without the right production team, so id like to introduce our producer and one of our cameramen Jonathan Mcgee. Jonathan is the owner of Jonathan M. McGee Photography and Media founded by himself in 2010. Based in Leeds, he creates exceptional film and photographic footage of all manor of clients around the globe. Even though Jonathan has predominately produced commercial and lifestyle films his huge personal interest in the outdoors really allows for a true perspective of our days fishing.


Jonny capturing the special moments

So what is an ICONIC FISH?  It was always going to be hard to decide what species can claim the title and justify it. Realistically every single species in Britain deserves the chance but we have however narrowed it down to our Top 6. This was done through our own research and with help from hundreds of anglers across the country. Our Iconic Fish will cover 2 categories: Game, and coarse over 6 action-packed episodes. 


Peter Cockwill with a stunning Iconic Trout

The Concept – Iconic Fish

Each episode consists of 2 parts, These two parts including traveling to the new location and meeting some of the fishing world’s most familiar and famous characters. All of these anglers we’ve selected have had their lives shaped and influenced by these ICONIC FISH. Our aim is to tell you their stories and share their fishing secrets.

Our first part of each episode consists of our species expert giving all 3 of us a crash course on tactics and equipment to help us catch our chosen quarry.  We will also learn about the fish’s history, habitat, and feeding, aiding our quest to catch the target species. Our guests will also have their say as to why they believe that species can be celebrated as one of Britain’s most iconic.  So our task is to not only target and catch these fish but also weigh up the pros and cons of why it’s a contender, the history and lifecycle of the species and techniques and methods used to target them. 


England Captain Rob Hughes having a laugh while teaching the boys

Part 2 is the BIG competition, that sees Ripon and I paired off against each other with either our expert or Hywel, once the teams are selected the battle for supremacy, and of course, bragging rights can begin. With a multitude of different competition rules and species, no week is the same, it’s critical we use everything we’ve learned from the previous day and all our fishing experience to help us succeed.


Competition day


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