Tyne Salmon
Huge 20lb plus Tyne salmon caught
Huge Tyne Salmon

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10th November 2017

After an incredible August and September we had high hopes for October but we had no clue of what lay […]

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August and September guests hit the bronze and silver jackpot

3rd October 2017

After a great July with both myself and guests getting into some incredible fish August/September had a lot to live […]

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A silver July and a record run

1st September 2017

After a fantastic start to July things just kept getting better and better including a record run of migratory fish […]

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July week 1 – Guests get amongst some real silver

9th July 2017

The first week in July couldn’t have started any better for my guests with 4 of them catching their first […]

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Thailand’s hidden monsters

6th June 2017

When you mention Thailand most people think of lady boys, Muay Thai, and city’s that never sleep, however there are […]

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Salmon fishing – Back to basics

11th April 2017

As with any type of fishing the most important factor is understanding your quarry, and due to the salmon’s life […]

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